Update Your Business With These Custom Glass Projects

Custom glass provides numerous distinct options for updating your office that can really help you stand out from the competition. In this day and age, companies are constantly on the lookout for new ways to distinguish themselves while improving their image. Custom glass is one of the best creative means to take your office’s look to the next level. You not only get an opportunity to impress your current and potential clients, but also lend your facility a contemporary and open feel without compromising privacy.

That being said, here are a few ideas for jazzing up your office with glass this year:

Glass walls, Room Dividers and Doors

Custom glass gives you an opportunity to create an airy, open and functional workspace. Commercial designers like utilizing glass for doors, walls and room dividers, mostly because you can diminish noise levels and restrict access to certain areas all without sacrificing natural light/visibility.

Glass is ideally flexible when it comes to décor styles. You can pick modern aluminum framing, or go with frameless panels to create a more seamless look. You can also choose from rolling, stacking or sliding door systems that present you the option of opening an office area entirely, partially or not at all.

These interior features can lend a well-designed and sophisticated look for your workplace without spending a fortune.

Partitions and Panels

You may also want to consider countertop partitions for your workspace. These panels mount above counters, half-height walls, and desks. The final look is appealing and open but maintains privacy for you and your employees.

These components can ideally be utilized to shield certain areas and delineate access points. You can install glass partitions on cubicle walls to defer noise and give a sense of privacy without sacrificing light.


One of the many benefits of glass shelves is that they can be used almost anywhere as they blend with any décor. Glass shelving lends a touch of elegance to a workplace without making it feel cluttered or crowded.


Do not forget that mirrors are a type of glass as well. They can be used in a number of ways to make a cramped conference room or showroom feel spacious and brighter. Decorative mirrors are especially a popular interior design element for businesses today. You can have your logo etched into the mirrors for a more customized look.

Desktops and Countertops

If you have recently purchased new office furniture or your existing one looks outdated, dull or tired, then custom cut glass tops may be the answer.

These tops can also be colored to match your office décor. This lends an upscale feel to the reception, conference table or even executive suites. Most of these tops from reputable vendors like GlassInParadise.com.au are durable, easy to clean and will protect your workplace’s furniture finish for many years.

The image of your company is vital if you want to remain in today’s competitive environment. Instead of investing in full office renovation or constructing a new facility, up the ante this year by adding custom glass elements and accents!