Joe Nahas and Jamie Durie Seeks To Rejuvenate Georges River

According to Managing Director Joseph Nahas, Coronation Property has selected the famed media personality and world-renowned horticulturalists and landscape designer Jamie Durie to design the George River banks, the area where their mixed-used development, The Paper Mills, is located. The development is a residential project that aims to provide Liverpool with a new approach towards living an urban life on the bank of the Georges River. It will feature 1,045 apartments across different buildings. These contemporary residences will offer a vibrant and welcoming community for Liverpool’s diverse families. This project will help Liverpool become a true “river city” and that is only a short drive away from Sydney’s new second airport at Badgery’s Creek.

The work to design the boardwalk along the river bank was assigned to the Liverpool City Council as part of the Georges River landscape proposal. This shared path will urge the locals and the visitors to participate in the river’s waterside activities. Various native plant species are going to be planted on both sides of the boardwalk with an aim to rejuvenate the landscape. It will also help improve native floral and aquatic life in the area, enhance the stability of the riverbank, and lessen the possibility of erosion.

Coronation Property will also finance the landscaping project, which is worth $6.5 million. There is no need for the local and the state government to spend any cash. The boardwalk that Urban Design, SJB has created for the whole The Paper Mill precinct will connect the riverside to the Liverpool Railway Station through a shared community pathway. Meanwhile, the design for the precinct down to the connection of the boardwalk will be created by Jamie Durie. This will include the development of a children’s playground, relandscaping the North’s Light Horse Park, and the South’s The Mill Park. In addition, the site plan aims to connect The Paper Mill buildings and boardwalk precinct.

Joseph Nahas said Coronation Property aims to deliver The Paper Mill community with a connection between an indoor and outdoor lifestyle that the residents will love. About 3,000 people will reside in The Paper Mill once it is fully completed and fully booked. They will all have direct access to the river and they will get the chance to participate in vibrant river activities, both on and beside the river. The company aims for the project to be the catalyst for the revitalization of Liverpool and help reorient the residents towards the river.

The project seeks Liverpool into a true “river city” and the company is very proud to be financing the section’s transformation. Coronation Property also thinks that this project will be a significant step in restarting the western-Sydney’s thinking into taking advantage of its river asset. The company has come to understand that this project is a great chance for the private sector to give back to the community through this smart public domain and amazing amenity.

During an interview, Jamie Durie expressed his excitement because his international landscape and architecture design has been awarded with the landscape masterplan tender. His firm is responsible for working on various commercial projects in different parts of the globe. These projects include the Victorian Arts Centre precinct, Westmead Children’s Hospital, Sheraton Salobre Golf and Spa Resort and Hayman Island Resort. In addition, Durie thinks that Coronation Property is embarking on a fantastic idea and that this project is going to open up the foreshore. Once that happens, the public will have access to Georges River’s natural beauty. He was also pleased with the project because it will utilize the river asset better and make it an important feature of Liverpool.