Ecove’s Boomberang Project: Lavish High-Rise Apartments On Olympic Boulevard

Ecove’sBoomberang project on Olympic Boulevard features elegant and spacious four-bedroom apartments. The project’s target markets are growing families and couples who prefer to have more space and comfort. Each apartment covers 178 square meters. The front part of each unit will have 36 meters of glass from its floor up to the ceiling. It marks twice the size of the frontage of a regular house block in the nearby suburb of Concord.

The lavish apartments are located on the top levels of the 38-storey tower. The residents of these units will enjoy beautiful views north over Homebush Bay to Chatswood, east to the busy Sydney Business District, South over the stunning Bicentennial Park to Sydney Airport, the magnificent Blue Mountains on its west side. According to Ecove Marketing Director Sue Ballesty, transferring from a house to a strata development is easy, particularly at these Boomerang apartments. Ballesty was proud to say that these units have no dead zones compared to typical houses. They were all designed to have well-proportioned rooms and smart storage solutions.

Boomerang, which will be near the recently unveiled metro station, sits atop a six-storey, six-star commercial center, which in turn covers 800 square meters allotted for retail stores. The building will have a communal indoor and outdoor space on the 9th floor. This level has gardens, open lawns and carefully placed seating nooks that promote social interaction among residents. It is also a perfect place for those who wish to be along to contemplate. The development comes with a Boomerang shape, hence, the name. It was designed by Bates Smart and comes with a lot of advantages. Ballesty added that its design was the product of eight years of gathering resident feedbacks and the company’s experience, which it gained at Sydney Olympic Park.

To begin with, Boomerang’s design enables it to provide 100% solar access to all of its apartments, which are around 229 units. Each apartment will get at least three hours of natural light daily during the winter season. The second benefit is that the design reduces downdraft and decreases wind impact to the lower levels thanks to its curved corners. During the summer season, residents can stay in the shade provided by a recessed balcony or winter garden. It also comes with alfresco living options throughout the year.

The kitchens were also placed in such a way that anybody preparing a good meal still manages to enjoy the magnificent views that their units offer. The units are equipped with stone benchtops, Smeg gas cooktop, electric oven, and a dishwasher to name a few. Cupboards and drawers were also integrated with a soft-motion system so it will not make that much noise when closing them. Bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms have mirrored cabinets, European-designed vanities and basins, shower screens with no frames, and modern tapware. It is also near Sydney’s sporting centers, which gets rid of the any high-priced in-house amenities. The Boomerang project is expected to go online in about two years.